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Scooter Helmets - Cape Town

By aarnott | 27 Oct 2011 - 9:52 PM

Because scooters and motorcycles don't offer the enclosed safety of motor vehicles, protective safety gear is paramount. This is an area where you want to make sure that the gear you choose to protect yourself meets all safety requirements. 

Know What you are Buying  

All motorcycle and scooter helmets sold in South Africa are required to be E-Mark Certified, if the helmets you're looking at don't have E-Mark certification don't waste your time considering them. This should be one of your highest priorities when looking for a scooter helmet, but it's by no means the only feature you should take into consideration. At Zest Scooters we stock two brands of scooter helmet. VR1 and AMA, both of our brands meet the safety standard required for motorbike helmets sold in South Africa. 

There is of course more to buying a scooter helmet that just an E-Mark certification. Motorbike helmets become more technical as one moves from small scooter riding to touring bikes and ultimately super bikes. For our purposes we’re just going to look at scooter helmets for sale in Cape Town

Here is an elementary buying guide for scooter helmets:

Selecting Your Type of Scooter Helmet:

Brain scooter helmets 

The decision to go for, three-quarter, flip-up, cruiser helmet or full face helmet is of course your own. We recommend full-face helmets because they offer the best protection to scooter riders, as well as offering visor protection. Debris at speed can not only be painful, but also cause loss of control. Visors also mean riding in the rain does not impair your vision to the same extent that an open visor would. 

Finding the Correct Fitting Helmet:

scooter helmet cape town 

Your helmet should be snug around your head, in fact, you should need to pull it on so it creates a very snug fit. Don't be tempted to size up, your helmet must be close fitting. Leave your helmet on for a few minutes to establish any areas of discomfort and get used to the feel before making a deciding which helmet is right for you. Try a few helmets on to get an idea of different fits and try a size one larger and one smaller than the size you think is your ideal fit, this will give you a helmet fit and feel to compare against. 

If you helmet meets safety standards, is a good fit, provides easy movement of you neck and head and allows you a good peripheral field of vision then it should suit your purposes. As mentioned earlier, factors like wind buffer and aerodynamics don’t really come into play when you’re riding a scooter. Finally, make sure you're happy with the helmet you select, the safety and protection of you head and brain are not worth compromising on. 

See our range of helmets here:

VR1 Dragon Helmet

VR1 Full Face Helmet 

The sales staff at Zest Scooters have extensive experience and knowledge concerning scooter and motor cycle helmets, and we’re more than happy to talk to you about what the best option is for you, just get in touch

Happy scootering.

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